Yesterday it was time to watch our first university basketball game between the SDSU Aztecs and the New Mexico Lobos. We can tell you that it was so amazing to watch, because just everyone was going crazy to support “our” Aztecs. The basketball arena  (Aztec Bowl) is located on the campus and seats 12.500 people. One cannot imagine how huge and modern it is!!
The game was pretty close and quite fascinating (the cheerleaders as well :-P). The aztecs won and gain 3 new fans… 🙂

81 :    76     

Click for Highlightvideo (SDSU Aztecs in white Jerseys)

! ! ! Read more to see some pics & the cheerleaders dancin’ 🙂 ! ! !

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First Impressions

January 18, 2009

Hello Friends,

we finally arrived in San Diego, CA.
Come with us and see what is going on!


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