Shalom Shalom,

due to the fact that the Americans celebrate their Carnival on tuesday (a news will follow), we decided to join the Disney Park on “Rosen-monday”. It was a fun day with rollercosters, carrousels and other great attractions. “Read” the rest of the news to see what was going on !


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Hola a todo el mundo,

this friday we made a boot trip at the San Diego harbor. During the winter time there are grey whales hanging around at the coast of San Diego.  Therefore we saw Moby Dick and his brother swimming next to our boot 🙂 . I can tell you the trip was really fun, this is also due to the fact that the Team USA “BMW-Oracle” sail boot, that won the Americas cup, was training next to us. Believe me, this boot is so sick !
Just check the other pictures out ! !


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Flipper at the Beach !!

February 7, 2009

Hello Beachgirls and Beachboys,

today we have been chilling somewhere between Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. The hot sun forced me to take a little refreshment in the ocean. Therefore I stepped into the water and  couldn’t believe my eyes: All of a sudden 8 to 10 dolphins were passing by. You can’t believe how close they were to me – I nearly could have touched them!! I was sprinting back to my towel to catch the camera. Have a look at the pictures/videos I´ve made. Unfortunately the dolphins appear farther as they really were….stupid camera zoom, to be honest !

Anyway, I am stoked now!! 🙂

click next to see the other vid/pics !

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Hello Party-People !
After two tough weeks of SDSU course-crashing, our schedule is finalized. Therefore we found some time  today to share our impressions with you.
Just have a look !!

Peace !


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