HAi BeachGirls and B-Boys,

during our today’s morning surfsession Patrick and me had the privilege to surf with a group of dolphins surrounding us for about 30 minutes and having fun in the waves. I can tell you, these peaceful animals are far from shy. I think WE were more shy and stoked to sit next to them because they are so damn huge haha 🙂 . Fortunately we had a camera with us on the ocean so I could record a video which was not easy in the waves as you can see… . Sadly the zoom sucked again and does not really reflect the situation. They were directly swimming next to us. It was a real “StreichelZOO” !
Thanks to the “Ocean-God” and his mermaids for this awesome experience 🙂

a bright-smiling Fabio 🙂 🙂


Las Vegas

March 13, 2009

Bongiorno a tutti-frutti,

our last Weekend we have been in the Nevada Desert to spend two nights in Las Vegas in the LUXOR Hotel (see the pyramide on the picture). To keep the story short: Vegas is awesome ! We had a great time there, doing party and exploring all the famous huge hotels with its casinos located at the “Vegas Strip”. To sum it up, Vegas is all about gambling as shown on TV. Everywhere you see flickering slotmachines, one-armed bandits and pokertables inviting you to put some money in. (Dear parents we did not gamble a lot, we invested our money in alcohol instead 🙂 . A propos alcohol: The german beer in the original Munich “Hofbräuhaus” was pretty yummy to be honest 🙂 . CHECK OUT our FOTOS & VIDEOS and leave a comment if you want !

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Road Trip with the Harleys to LA Hollywood

including stopovers in Newport Beach, San Clemente, Malibu Beach, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, Route 66

BÄÄÄÄM Check it out !! !! !!


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Dear friends of the carnival,

first of all we hope that you enjoyed the carnival time in Germany. Here in America carnival is celebrated on “Mardi Gras”, which is French and stands for “Fat Tuesday”. So this Tuesday we got an insight about the crazy american carnival parade. The big difference is that the guys on the carnival-trucks throw colored chains instead of sweets and candy to the people. On the one hand those chains are totally PIMP ! On the other hand you can give them to other girls who have to do sth. for you to get those chains. . .     . So its really fun. Just have a look !


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