ApriL Update

April 25, 2009

during the last weeks I was a bit lazy to upload new pictures. Honestly the weather was really to nice to spend time in front of my PC.  This post can be mainly separated into two parts: First part is our trip to the beautiful NEWPORT BEACH . Unfortunately we mess up to meet Marissa, Ryan and Co but we were having some garlic fries and burgers at the famous Ruby’s Diner on the Pier instead. The second part is mainly about some parties around here. Have a look @ the rest of the article!

**UPDATED with PALM SPRINGS Pictures**


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April 4, 2009

Hola compadres,

it seems that the Spring Season has finally reached Germany. Therefore I hope you had some beautiful days in the sun, maybe with some nice BBQ? However, as you can see from the heading, this post is all about nature. I know that you now might think, well Fabio drank too much Green Tea or ate too many of Felix’s Soy Veggie Burgers hrhr, but no guys nature can be fun, yes! You just have to go outside, explore it with your best friends, enjoy the situation, the flora & fauna and drink a beer afterwards maybe in the sunset 🙂 . Well, this is how most of the following pictures were taken here in San Diego during the last weeks. Just relax and have a look. P E A C E !


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Spring Break

April 1, 2009


our Spring Break holidays have finally started so we decided to drive to the Lake Havasu in Arizona which is one of the famous party spots for spring break whithin America. Check out the pictures to see what was going on !


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