Las Vegas reloaded….

May 31, 2009


our semester here is over, we wrote our final exams and passed them successfully. From now on we are not students any longer, officially we are tourists again 🙂 with one more month 2 Go.

Our last weekend we spend in the desert of Nevada again. By the way, desert climate sucks, actually. We had over 100 Fahrenheit which is comparable to 40° Celsius all over the day, F*** it ! We resided in the 356m high Stratosphere Tower – Heidi topmodel fans should know it 🙂 . Our friend Leonard who visited us from Germany also joined us during this trip.

Click the link below the picture to see our best shots 🙂


CIMG3967IMG_0696IMG_1840IMG_1840CIMG3968CIMG3966CIMG3972CIMG3981CIMG3986CIMG3994CIMG3998CIMG4002CIMG4013CIMG4016CIMG4021CIMG4037IMG_0681IMG_0683IMG_0686IMG_0687IMG_0698IMG_0699IMG_0708IMG_0715IMG_0721IMG_0722IMG_0726IMG_0729IMG_0732IMG_0733IMG_0736IMG_0750IMG_0754IMG_0755IMG_0760IMG_0761IMG_0764IMG_0770IMG_0776IMG_0780IMG_0786IMG_0791IMG_0798IMG_0801IMG_0818IMG_0824IMG_0825IMG_0831IMG_0851IMG_0862IMG_0865IMG_0877IMG_0891IMG_0897IMG_0899IMG_0929IMG_0931IMG_0935IMG_1571IMG_0942IMG_1590IMG_1609IMG_1619IMG_1628IMG_1637IMG_1652IMG_1674IMG_1679IMG_1709IMG_1711IMG_1715IMG_1734IMG_1733IMG_1796IMG_1733IMG_1802IMG_1807IMG_1808IMG_1811IMG_1831Unbenanntunbenannt 2

2 Responses to “Las Vegas reloaded….”

  1. Patze said

    iwann hab ich auch mal genug zeit dann werd ich mir das ganze auch mal “ansehen” gehen 😀

    wenn ich mir das lang genug einrede glaub ichs vll sogar 😀

    naja ich will ja nicht so sein und gönns euch einfach mal 😉

    schönen gruß aus giessen 😉

  2. ffpsandiegorocker said

    patzen 🙂
    ohne deine acdsee hilfe würde hier gar nichts mehr laufen dankefööN !
    LoS VEGOS ist auf jeden Fall ein ganz heißes Pflaster 😛

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