San Diego “googled”

July 10, 2009

a couple of nice SD pictures out of the Net…


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This post will give you an impression of what the SDSU looks like. . .


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Leopard Shark Snorkeling

June 22, 2009

From June to September thousands of Leopard Sharks migrate to La Jolla Shores for their mating season and during the rest of the year about 100-200 of the local leopard sharks can still be found.

See us snorkeling with the leopard sharks… 😀

Honga Bonga !!

Yeah finally some new pictures, woaahhh 🙂


Second Part: Mallorca Ballermann 6 Party

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HAi BeachGirls and B-Boys,

during our today’s morning surfsession Patrick and me had the privilege to surf with a group of dolphins surrounding us for about 30 minutes and having fun in the waves. I can tell you, these peaceful animals are far from shy. I think WE were more shy and stoked to sit next to them because they are so damn huge haha 🙂 . Fortunately we had a camera with us on the ocean so I could record a video which was not easy in the waves as you can see… . Sadly the zoom sucked again and does not really reflect the situation. They were directly swimming next to us. It was a real “StreichelZOO” !
Thanks to the “Ocean-God” and his mermaids for this awesome experience 🙂

a bright-smiling Fabio 🙂 🙂

Dear friends of the carnival,

first of all we hope that you enjoyed the carnival time in Germany. Here in America carnival is celebrated on “Mardi Gras”, which is French and stands for “Fat Tuesday”. So this Tuesday we got an insight about the crazy american carnival parade. The big difference is that the guys on the carnival-trucks throw colored chains instead of sweets and candy to the people. On the one hand those chains are totally PIMP ! On the other hand you can give them to other girls who have to do sth. for you to get those chains. . .     . So its really fun. Just have a look !


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Hola a todo el mundo,

this friday we made a boot trip at the San Diego harbor. During the winter time there are grey whales hanging around at the coast of San Diego.  Therefore we saw Moby Dick and his brother swimming next to our boot 🙂 . I can tell you the trip was really fun, this is also due to the fact that the Team USA “BMW-Oracle” sail boot, that won the Americas cup, was training next to us. Believe me, this boot is so sick !
Just check the other pictures out ! !


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Flipper at the Beach !!

February 7, 2009

Hello Beachgirls and Beachboys,

today we have been chilling somewhere between Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. The hot sun forced me to take a little refreshment in the ocean. Therefore I stepped into the water and  couldn’t believe my eyes: All of a sudden 8 to 10 dolphins were passing by. You can’t believe how close they were to me – I nearly could have touched them!! I was sprinting back to my towel to catch the camera. Have a look at the pictures/videos I´ve made. Unfortunately the dolphins appear farther as they really were….stupid camera zoom, to be honest !

Anyway, I am stoked now!! 🙂

click next to see the other vid/pics !

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First Impressions

January 18, 2009

Hello Friends,

we finally arrived in San Diego, CA.
Come with us and see what is going on!


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December 28, 2008

click on “den Rest des Beitrags lesen” for 60 new pictures !

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Sweet new home :-)

December 22, 2008

After a lot of research work we have found a pretty nice community apartment (85m²) in San Diego that fits our needs. Fortunately we could build up a connetion to two german girls offering their apartment via Studivz to us. The apartment offers more than normal flats like here in Germany. For example there is a large heated pool, a Jacuzzi (whirlpool), and a cool fitness center. But our new home also offers some special things young man like us really need: like a dishwasher, a laundry facility, a microwave, a BBQ area, and W-Lan access at the pool haha. So one could guess that we are spending our holiday in San Diego 🙂

Click on “den Rest des Beitrags lesen” to see some pictures. More pictures will follow in January !

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Some facts about San Diego

December 15, 2008

Our flight is booked and we got our visas to enter the USA. On January the 11th we will leave Germany and fly to San Diego. I figured out that some general facts about San Diego could be interesting. So here they are:

San Diego is located in Southern California at the Pacific Ocean, ca. 1,5 hours away from Los Angeles and half an hour to Tijuana in Mexiko. It is the second largest city in California with 1,3 Mill. inhabitants. San Diego is often called America´s finest City. This is due to the pretty comfortable weather. The annual average temperature is about 21° degrees compared to Germany with its 9° 🙂. The pacific beach is also much warmer compared to the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. This leads to a big variety of animals we normally do not have here in Europe like dolphins, wales, sharks, seals or pelicans.

Click on “den Rest des Beitrags lesen” to see some pictures

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